Are you a mobile detailer that is looking to increase the leads that you get for your business? That’s exactly what National Car Detailing is. We are a lead generation service. We will market in your area and when a customer books their appointment, we will pass that lead on to you. Once you complete the service, you will be paid for your work by the client. You then send us the 10% for this lead. You ONLY pay the 10% lead fee when the appointment is complete.

Included in this is also the Flex Plan Package that clients can select. This plan allows a customer to prepay for their service at a small discount. You then schedule this appointment within the next 7 days. Because it is prepaid, we will collect the funds and send the funds minus the 10% lead fee directly to you.

If you have been in the mobile car detailing business for a while, you know that clients are not always easy to come by. Sometimes people cancel their appointments due to various unforeseen circumstances. There are random periods of “downtime” when it appears that no one wants or needs detailing services anymore. You put your name out there a million times and maybe get a few phone calls out of it – if you’re lucky. Even word-of-mouth marketing isn’t always reliable because you never know if the people that are told about your business will even call you. What would you do for more meaningful leads that ACTUALLY turn into clients, preferably repeat clients? If your answer is “just about anything” then you’re in luck! National Car Detailing is here to help you out. 

Mobile Auto Detailing Contractors

National Car Detailing is a lead generation service that was built to help mobile detailers like you find more quality leads and get your phone ringing with more clients. The goal is for those clients ringing in to become regulars who book appointments with you often. Our team will market mobile detailing services in your area. When a customer books an appointment through us, we will pass the lead on to your company. Once the service is completed, you will be paid for your work, minus our small 10% service fee. All of our marketing services are included in that 10% fee. We do all the marketing for you and get you more quality leads. You take those leads and complete the services, and maybe gain a forever client for your business. Simple, easy, and effective. 

How nice would it be to be able to focus more on completing your jobs than having to stress about finding clients who have jobs for you to do? When you partner with National Car Detailing as one of our location contractors, you will have that time. Our skilled team of marketers will do all the work getting potential clients to our lead generation website, booking appointments, and sending them your way. All you will have to worry about is completing the desired services they book for. 

How does this benefit you as a contractor?

We have all heard of lead generation services. Most of them take as much as 40% of your earnings as their fee. They charge you this fee based on what they THINK that lead is worth. If the lead fails, you STILL have to pay.

Here is an ACTUAL review of a popular Lead Generating company. We have removed identifying information for the reviewer as well as the company name.

Just wanted to share my COMPANY NAME REDACTED  story with y’all. It may work for some in different places, but where I’m located it didn’t work for me. This is just my own personal opinion and observations while I was on <their program>.

I started about 2 months ago. I thought it would be a good idea to let someone find me my jobs, heck $10 bucks in a lead to make a minimum of $200 or more in a job, sure why not. The salesman had sold me on it. I was one of the “very few” in my area and was “lucky” to get in while it was good. (His words) anyways, I signed up, paid my $300 pro-fee, and waited for my first lead.

The first lead came 30 minutes after signing up!! I was excited. Called, no answer, sent an email, no reply. Waited til the next day, called again and again, no answer. Left message both times. Nothing. I noticed I was billed $38.50 for the lead. I thought ok, that’s a lot, but hell, I’m going to make money right?? Well never got a reply from the customer. Day after day, I would get at least 1 lead a day, all with a lead charge of $30 or more. Every time I would call, send an email, and out of the 30 plus leads, I talked to 3 customers, and out of the 3, I got 0 jobs. Very disappointing.

Yesterday, I got a lead alert. Called about 5 minutes later. The customer picked up and I greeted him and explained who I was, the customer in a not-so-pleasant voice, said, “wow, you are the 8th company that called me in the last 10 minutes. I felt like I needed to apologize to him for disturbing him. I too would be upset if I was getting bombarded by calls. I said if he needed anything to give me a call and hung up. I looked at my app and saw I was billed $42 for that lead, if 8 people did call that customer, that’s $336 for the lead company, (if it was just 8 pros) I thought that was crazy and I was done.

I called them and canceled my “membership”. I have paid over $700 plus my $300 membership fee to get 0 jobs.

Now here is the kicker, you can ask for a “refund” if you cannot reach the customer. But when you call the customer via the phone number and put in your extension for that customer the system marks it as you have made contact and NOT eligible for a refund. If you leave a VM, you made contact. 

To me, it’s not worth it, I thought that being a new business this would help me. It just took money from an already skinny wallet. Again, this is my story, some people are making connections via this company.. I’m just sharing it as I thought this was a good gig, quick money.

Here at National Car Detailing, the prices are already set. (prices subject to change as the market changes). All that you need to do is complete the service and get paid. We will hand you the customer. This is an easy way for detailers to link to customers in their area with guaranteed leads. When you partner with National Car Detailing, you are investing in yourself.  

If you are interested in joining National Car Detailing’s contractor’s team and our mobile detailing lead generation service, fill out the form on this page to get the process started. We will be in touch as soon as possible with more information. We are excited to have you on our team of contractors. 

As a vendor for National Car Detailing, your customers will have access to the Flex Plan. This is a plan that is built to fill in your gaps. The customer will go to the page that has all of the flex plan features and packages and select the package that they want. They will get a 20% discount for the convenience to you. When they pay, you will have 7 days to complete the detail. This is designed to prevent gaps in your schedule. When you have one client cancel, you have another that is available. Just give them a call. This package is available in every city, for every vendor. If the detail that your client has paid for is part of the flex plan package, we will let you know upon sending the information. 

What do you need to get started?

We hand select all of our vendors. We look for a few things when we make these selections. The first thing that we look for is that you have active insurance and a valid DBA or other legal registrations. This is to ensure that the only legit vendors are selected for this program. Once we verify your information, we will require you to add us as a certificate holder on your insurance. This is to notify us in cases of an insurance lapse. In order to be in this program, you must maintain all insurance and licensing requirements according to your local and state laws.